Friday Conference! March 2nd 2018

Hi everyone, here’s the schedule for Friday conference. Look forward to seeing you all there during Banquet weekend!
March 2nd, 2018 – HALMI ROOM of NEWHOUSE III, Room 141

2:00 – 2:40pm
Ratings: What are they and how do you grow them?

What do TSL, AQH, cume, and other key terms mean? Where does WJPZ stack up in the ratings? What are tactics to grow Nielsen numbers? Learn from Mimi Griswold, Galaxy Communications VP of Programming, and become an expert on ratings.
Panelists: Mimi Griswold

Podcasting: Dos and Don’ts
As of 2017, 40% of Americans have listened to a podcast and that number is only growing. Find out what makes a podcast compelling and how to market it.
Panelists: Lauren Levine, Jon Gay

Z Morning Zoo Improv
We’ll provide topics, which students and alumni will perform. We’ll laugh and critique. This fun interactive panel will require audience participation and pay significant dividends, whether you’re on a zoo or host a solo show on Z.
Panelists: Hal Rood, Mina Saywhat, Harry Wareing, Scott Stabbert, Mike Kruz, Jon Gay, Corey Crockett

Question and Answer
Do you have questions? We have answers. Be sure to stick around for this Q&A session. They’ve been there, they’ve sat where you’re sitting, and they can answer your questions.
Panelists: Alex Silverman, Hal Rood, Jeff Wade, Lauren Levine, Corey Crockett, Mina Saywhat, Mike Kruz, Allie Gold

Networking / Reception
Join us for a terrific reception and an opportunity to ask
follow-up questions and network with panelists. Be sure you stick around as we wrap up the day!

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